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David Hoppe is available
for freelance writing and editing assignments; and consulting with commercial and nonprofit cultural organizations. Resume and references available upon request.


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:: Nonfiction

"You surely know what the great sportswriter Red Smith said about writing, that it was easy, that all you did was open a vein and bleed.
You bleed real good, and your heart is where the
blood comes from.
If you ever wonder what in hell you think you're doing with your life, let me remind you that you are telling people as reasonable and humane as yourself what they desperately need to hear, that others feel
as they do."

-- Kurt Vonnegut

Magazine Articles

Each one of these essays treats an iconic Indiana subject. Taken together, they begin to describe my particular Indiana sense of place.

Traces - A publication of the Indiana Historical Society

ArtsIndiana (Winter 2001)

NUVO newsweekly

Columns Archive: View Columns from 2009-2002

Read more of Hoppe's work for Nuvo.

Suburban World (pdf)

On the outside, at least, suburban life seems built to defy whatever it is that makes narrative compelling. So in life and art we resort to other, interior ways of escape. This swatch of autobiography is about coming to terms with a time and place, in my case, Mt. Prospect, Illinois.